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Software Upgrades.
If you have a new computer but you think that it running slow, may be your
new computer needs optimization.
What optimization means? When you buy a new computer, in addition
to the operating system, you will receive a lot useless software which takes up unnecessary space on your hard drive and resources from your operating memory which makes your computer run slowly.
Solution: We are able to remove all the unnecessary software and install just the right ones to meet your needs.

Hardware Upgrades.
Everyone knows that in time new computers become more powerful. If you do not want to change your computer, we can offer you an alternative by replacing some of the components like faster memory or big hard drive to speed up the computer. This would save you a lot of time and money. You do not have to buy a new computer every year to keep up with the trend.
Solution: Periodically, you can bring your computer for servicing,repairs and upgrades. We can clean and replace the components that needs changing if necessary.

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